So every student can aspire to be...


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.



special education advocacy

Designed to provide guidance to parents and guardians as they navigate the special education process, this service includes explaining psycho-educational evaluations, support at Team meetings, and guidance with development of the individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan if desired.  This may also include behavioral intervention and transition plans as needed.


academic coaching

Available to all students in elementary, middle, and high school as well as college students, this service is designed to increase overall academic success by building upon executive functioning skills such as: reading, writing and written expression, organization, time and task management, working memory, note taking, goal setting, and general study habits.                             



For private or public organizations interested in creating or restructuring their educational programs, this service is designed to discuss a vision and implement a plan of action for an inclusive academic setting.                                     



Whether it is grade to grade, high school to college, or entering the workforce after graduation, transition can be overwhelming.  This service includes coaching students by building upon their existing strengths and abilities, goal setting, and increasing self-confidence through the development of new skills and strategies.